Russian ambassador

The Russian ambassador to Libya, Aydar Aganin, said in interview with Libya Al-Ahrar TV channel that the branch of the Central Bank of Libya in the east, then headed by Ali Al-Habri, was the one that asked Russia to print Libyan dinar banknotes.

Aganin added that printing currency was not considered interference from his country, as legitimacy had been a disputed issue in Libya, saying that dealing with the Central Bank branch in Benghazi was legal as "it is an official body."

Regarding the Russian military presence in the east, Aganin said that any military presence in eastern and southern Libya was coordinated with the House of Representatives and the “General Command”, reiterating that "any questions about that should be asked to Haftar."

"Russia as a country did not participate in the war on Tripoli, and promoting this notion through Wagner does not make it a truth. The link between Wagner and the Russian state is attempted by Western countries, so that they say that the Russians participated in the war. We did not participate in any military operations in Libya, and on the ground, there is no role for the Russian state." Aganin remarked.

Le Monde newspaper published recently an article saying Moscow had been working to increase the transfer of troops and equipment to the North African region at a surprisingly rapid pace since the beginning of 2024, which would strengthen its influence and could affect immigration flows toward Europe.