The Libyan embassy in Rome said Italy and Libya's Presidential Council's government are going to start construction work of the coastal road in Libya as per the Friendship Agreement between the two countries.

The embassy said on Sunday that the two countries are putting the final touches to start the work on the road that will extend from Libya's Ras Ajdair border with Tunisia to Imssaed border with Egypt as part of the Italian compensation program for the occupation of Libya.

It said Italy expressed readiness for the project in a meeting for delegations at the Italian Transportation Ministry's headquarters.

"This step comes after efforts by the Libyan diplomats in coordination with the Libyan-Italian committee tasked with implementing the project." The embassy added.

The Friendship Agreement was signed between Libya and Italy in 2008 for carrying out infrastructure projects worth 5 billion dollars in Libya; 250 million dollars a year for 20 years.