Renegade General Khalifa Haftar’s air force carried out airstrikes on the eastern city of Ajdabia Thursday targeting the city’s industrial zone and the Meteorological Centre.

Media sources from the city said the airstrikes killed two Egyptian nationals and a Sudanese one, emphasizing that Ajdabia has been recently plunged into a rising course of events (like assassinations by unknown perpetrators) similar to those happened in Benghazi before the kickoff of the so-called Dignity Operation.

In the meantime, many local residents expressed concern that Dignity Operation intends to turn their city into a Benghazi-style battlefield to kill those whom it describes as “Khawarij.”

Moreover, activists affiliated with Dignity Operation are sharing posts via social media that call for an uprising in Ajdabia city in the middle of next month against the “Khawarij” or what they call Dignity Operation opponents.