The Sudanese Media Centre (SMC) revealed Saturday that the commander of Libya’s Dignity Operation forces, Khalifa Haftar, had sent a committee of his military aides to meet with the leaders of Sudan Liberation Army-Minni Minawi in order to resolve the recent disputes between the two sides and to discuss increasing the number of fighters of the rebel group in Libya.

The Sudanese news website confirmed that it was able to obtain official letters that were sent between the military aides of Haftar and the leaders of the rebel movement, stating that the two sides have met to resolve the differences related to increasing support to the movement.

The source added that the two sides reached an agreement on a number of proposals; the most important one was increasing the number of Minawi rebels in Libya to more than 1000 fighters.

According to the SMC, Minni Minawi rebels are now present in Libya. In Zalla there are 450 rebels and 88 military vehicles, in Jufra there are 28 rebels and 37 military vehicles, and in Rebiana there are 90 rebels and 26 military vehicles.