The UN-brokered draft should be amended first before the GNC joins Skhirat agreement, GNC First Deputy Awad Abdul-Sadiq told reporters on Friday, hours after a meeting between GNC President Abu Sahmain and UNSMIL Chief Martin Kobler took place in Tripoli to urge the GNC accept UN-imposed government of Fayaz Sirraj.

Speaking in a press conference, Abdul-Sadiq said the UN draft agreement should be amended and GNC's proposed amendments should be addressed before the GNC joins in.

"We have three reservations about the draft, the first is about balance between the two parliaments, the second is about the high number of members of the Presidential Council, and the third is about security arrangements in which the General Staff and revolutionary fighters should be part of." He explained.

Abdul-Sadiq also said the GNC had told Kobler that Skhirat agreement does not represent the congress and those who took part in it are only representing themselves.

"We also informed him that Fayaz Sirraj is welcome in Tripoli but as a Libyan national only." He said.

He added that the GNC was surprised by Kobler's talk about the rise in eggs and vegetables prices in the Libyan market, as he was urging the GNC to accept Skhirat agreement.

"He talked about the rise in prices of eggs and vegetables, while Ajdabia is being bombed by fighter planes. We think the role of UN mission is bigger than the prices of goods." He noted.