A leaked call from a handheld transceiver for the commander of frontlines at Saiqa Force of the self-styled army in east Libya, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, was posted on social media on Tuesday in which he was vowing to apprehend the Chief of Military Investment Authority Al-Madani Al-Fakhri, whom he accused of embezzling public money.

"I am going after Al-Fakhri as he is someone like an IS money militant. I will keep looking for him till doomsday." Al-Werfalli said on the leaked walkie-talkie call.

Al-Werfalli said Al-Fakhri is accused and convicted of stealing public money and of corruption, demanding Al-Fakhri to tell who his supporters are.

Saiqa Force fighters, including Al-Werfalli who is wanted for two arrest warrants by the International Criminal Court over war crimes and crimes against humanity, stormed Monday the Military Investment Authority of the self-styled army led by Khalifa Haftar in Hadaeq area in Benghazi. They took some of the belongings of the authority on their way out of the storming operation, according to local media reports.

Al-Werfalli escaped detention in Marij town and arrived in Benghazi, yet a day later, the ICC issued a second arrest warrant for him, calling on authorities in Libya to hand him over to justice.

According to other reports, the storming of the authority was based on a personal rift between Al-Werfalli and Al-Falkhri, who has been chairing the authority since June 2017. He is, according to social media, accused of dismantling power towers and stealing other materials for personal benefits then shipping them out as scrap in cooperation with a Haftar's son-headed brigade.