GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain has protested the intention of the UN envoy to Libya to hold meetings with Chief of Staff Officers and leaders of revolutionary fighters without prior permission from the dialogue team or the General Staff.

In a letter addressed to Bernardino Leon on Saturday, Abu Sahmain said Leon's attempt to meet the army officers without permission is a clear violation of local and international laws and conventions in force, and a breach to the legitimacy of GNC.

He also considered such acts by the UNSMIL as a blatant violation of the sovereignty of the state, a prejudice against the national security of Libya and an obstacle to the efforts to solve the Libyan crisis.

Abu Sahmain further pleaded the UN envoy to officially justify his conducts before the GNC proceeds with the appropriate legal procedures against these violations.

"The repetition of such acts would force the GNC to bring the case before justice and take legal actions locally and internationally." He stressed.

He also warned that those illegal meetings could be pre-emptive steps to enable some outlaw armed civilian groups to have control and play a role in the next phase.

Meanwhile, activists in Tripoli district of Tajoura denounced Bernardino Leon's endeavours to meet the army and revolutionary commanders, demanding the GNC to suspend its participation in the dialogue until Leon respects the GNC legitimacy.