The Misrata Sea Port Customs Center reported on Tuesday that it had stopped a ship (Norjan Cargo Ship) after entering the port due to its passage through the port of Haifa in Palestine, which is occupied by Israel. 

The Center explained on its Facebook page that the ship was stopped on Sunday at the port of the Misrata Free Zone, and it was coming from Turkey before passing through the port of Haifa.

The Center indicated that it had started taking all legal measures against the ship, in preparation for putting it on the blacklist for "violating the principles of boycotting the Zionist enemy, in implementation of the text of Article 203 of Customs Law No. 10 of 2010, and Law No. 62 of 1967 regarding the boycott of Israel."

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives unanimously passed on Monday the law criminalizing dealing with Israel, and had previously requested the ambassadors of Western countries to leave the country because of their countries' support for the Israeli occupation government in the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Last September, the House of Representatives agreed to amend the law criminalizing normalization with Israel to increase the penalties contained in Law No. 62 issued in 1957, relating to the criminalization of normalization with Israel.