Libya is considering taking steps against the General Secretariat of the Arab League for attempting to hinder the consultative meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Tripoli on Sunday.

In a press conference, the spokesman for the Government of National Unity, Mohammed Hammouda, said the meeting was legal, as it was conducted per the Charter of the Arab League organisation, citing that it did not require a quorum for its convening.

In response to a question, Hammouda said, "What the General Secretariat of the Arab League did is a bias towards one member state over another.

He said the Libyan government is studying taking steps in response to such behavior.

Regarding the items discussed during the meeting, Hammouda said that besides the Libyan issue, the Palestinian cause was, as usual, the focus of debate on the Arab assembly.

The spokesman affirmed Libya's keenness on the unity of the Arab world and said the meeting is only "a step towards this eternal solidarity, which some are trying to derail."

On Sunday, the Libyan capital hosted the periodic consultative meeting for Arab foreign ministers, with only a few attending the gathering.

Five of the 22 member states of the Arab League sent their foreign ministers to the meeting, among them top diplomats of Algeria, Tunisia, and Qatar.

Others sent their envoys to the meeting in Tripoli. Among those boycotting the gathering was neighbouring Egypt.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Najla Al-Mangoush, criticized the Arab League presidency's position and considered it a bias in the interest of a specific country, which she did not name.

In a televised statement, she said Libya insists on the full exercise of its rights in the Arab League, in a nod to the rotating leadership of the pan-Arab organisation.