Identical sources from the Abu Salim area in Tripoli said that 11 people, including brothers, were killed on Saturday night, in what appeared to be a targeted killing operation, while the victims were present in a vacation house in the Al-Hadba Project area of the Abu Salim municipality.

Some sources described what happened as a "massacre," while they did not determine the reason for committing this crime, as it was not possible to obtain official information. Libyan social media circulated conflicting information about the incident since Sunday morning.

On Sunday, the Stability Support Apparatus mourned two of its members who were among those killed in the crime: Mohamed Fathi Shanish and Musab Al-Mukhtar Al-Dabaa.

The Apparatus explained on its Facebook page that the two members were with a group who were “hit by treacherous hands,” offering its condolences to their families and loved ones, without further details regarding the incident.