Minister of Oil and Gas Mohamed Aoun received the Ambassador of Malta, Charles Saliba, at the ministry's HQ on Tuesday.

A statement by the ministry said the meeting addressed Libyan affairs and Malta's aspirations to develop cooperation with Libya.

Ambassador Saliba expressed the desire of Maltese companies to return to Libya to participate in oil and construction projects, confirming the interest of several new Maltese companies in working in Libya amidst improving and stabilizing conditions.

He requested assistance to overcome the challenges faced by companies with a significant history in the Libyan oil service sector and to find solutions to their problems. Minister Aoun requested a memorandum on this matter for consideration.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the issue of the maritime border area between the two countries. The ministry confirmed that a Libyan team will discuss this matter under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to explore the possibility of joint oil exploration in the area.