Libyan authorities detain an ISIS senior leader in Sirte

Libyan authorities detain an ISIS senior leader in Sirte

January 31, 2019 - 21:00
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Local officials and residents in Sirte said Thursday that Libyan authorities had arrested one of ISIS senior leaders in Sirte, Khalifa Al-Barg.

Reuters reported a Sirte official as saying that Al-Barg was detained, adding that no foreign forces took part in the operation as claimed by residents, adding that the ISIS militant was arrested from his house on Thursday.

Libyan media outlets reported that foreign forces may have helped in the arrest of Al-Barg who was the founder of Ansar Al-Sharia in Sirte.

"Some of Brigade 604 fighters and other authorities along with foreign forces arrested ISIS militant after encircling his house in early hours of Thursday. He tried to fight his arrest using gunshots but at about 3.00 am, he surrendered after suffering a hand injury.

Al-Barg was a fighter in February 17 revolution and then he was appointed head of security committee of Sirte in 2014 and then head of local council of the city. He later founded Ansar Al-Sharia group in 2015.