The Misrata Court of Appeal - First Criminal Circuit - adjourned Sunday trial of individuals accused of having links to ISIS so that it gives the defense team an opportunity to prepare their legal procedures.

The trial began on Sunday morning in the presence of the defense lawyers for the 56 defendants, in addition to the presence of the lawyers claiming the civil rights of the blood relatives, who called on the court to quickly decide on the verdict.

The Public Prosecution also demanded that the case be quickly reserved for ruling, given the lengthy period of its deliberations, which have reached two years now.

Meanwhile, the judge heard the statements of eyewitnesses in the group of charges against the individuals in order to record them in the case file and announce the verdict upon the completion of hearing the testimony of all witnesses.

The trial session took place amidst strict security measures, in the presence of the families of the victims and the fighters of the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous operation, which ended the presence of ISIS in Sirte: the largest stronghold in Libya of the terrorist group.