Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita has revealed that Libyan members of Parliament meeting in Moroccan Tangier will determine the date and place of the coming meetings expected to take place in Libya.

Bourita indicated in his address to the Libyan delegates on Tuesday that the meeting strives to unify positions on the outcomes of the Libyan political dialogue, hoping it would lead to a thaw between the parties after years of division.

The Moroccan Foreign Minister explained that this meeting was a reaffirmation of the understandings reached by the Libyan-Libyan dialogue in Bouznika, related to the unification of the sovereign positions included in Article 15 of the Libyan Political Agreement signed in Skhirat.

"The Tangier meeting is necessary to create an enabling environment for the Libyan MPs to play their due role in the challenging tasks ahead, says Bourita.