Ministry of Marine Resources

Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, discussed the Ministry of Marine Resources' plan to activate private contracts to implement and develop a number of fishing ports.

This discussion came during a meeting held with the Minister of Marine Resources, Adel Sultan, who presented his ministry’s plan to prepare designs and studies for the implementation of the five ports of Soussa, Tajoura, Garabulli and Zuwara as a first stage.

The plan aims to complete the contracts suspended since 2010 after restoring the financial balance of the contracts, and canceling some contracts signed with companies that do not wish to return to work in Libya, according to Hakomitna media platform.

The meeting also discussed the regulation tuna fish fishing activity in marine fishing areas issued by Cabinet Resolution No. 35 of 2023, and the necessity of reviewing it periodically, as well as amending any articles that do not help in regulating this activity.

Dbeibah discussed with the Minister supporting fishermen and providing good conditions to support the Libyan private sector in the field of fishing in all its aspects. He stressed the necessity of paying attention to marine resources in all activities and programs, supporting fishermen and activating fish farming projects that have been subjected to sabotage and neglect in the past years.