The High Council of State (HCS) held a session on Monday, headed by the Head, Mohammed Takala, in Tripoli and discussed the repercussions of the flood disaster that swept the city of Derna and other areas, as well as the massiveoss of lives and properties.

The HCS members expressed their deep sadness for the flood victims, stressing the need to take all necessary measures to alleviate the suffering of those affected, follow up on the conditions of the displaced, facilitate their administrative transactions, and meet their daily needs.

The HCS also discussed the electoral laws reached by the 6+6 Joint Committee, stressing the need to agree on them in order to advance the political process to reach elections and end the transitional stages.

The House of Representatives (HoR) unanimously approved on Monday the issuance of the law to elect the President of the State and the law to elect the Ummah Council: the law that was reached by the 6+6 Committee, according to what the official spokesman for the HoR, Abdullah Blehiq, announced.

HoR Speaker Aqila Saleh considered that “the law took into account all considerations and the circumstances that the country was going through and achieved equality in the exercise of political work."

He expressed his thanks to the 6+6 Committee that was responsible for approving election laws for accomplishing this work, considering it a basis for unifying power in the country to achieve the desire of Libyans in holding presidential and parliamentary elections.