The House of Representatives (HoR) has approved an emergency budget worth 10 billion dinars to address the effects of floods in the areas affected by Storm Daniel, which swept the east of the country.

According to the HoR's spokesman, Abdullah Blehiq, this pledge came during an emergency session of the MPs held in Benghazi on Thursday, when they discussed the repercussions of the disaster that befell a number of cities as a result of the devastating storm that caused the death, injury, loss, and displacement of thousands.

Blehiq said on his Facebook page that the HoR members started their session by observing a moment of silence to mourn the lives of those who died as a result of the devastating storm, before they went on to discuss the emergency budget law related to this disaster.

He explained that the HoR had voted unanimously to approve the emergency budget and to form a committee headed by the Speaker Aqila Saleh, with the membership of the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir, and a representative of Haftar’s forces, provided that Al-Kabir would allow this representative to open a Central Bank account to deposit local and international donations or aid and to supervise their disbursement for the purposes for which they are allocated.

"The session also concluded with assigning a committee from the HoR to follow up on the work of the competent authorities to achieve the  aspired goal at this stage and to submit periodic reports. It also called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the causes of this disaster, and to clarify whether there was a shortcoming or negligence on the part of any party, in addition to assigning the House’s Legislative Committee to prepare a draft law establishing a Libya Reconstruction Fund to be presented to the HoR in the upcoming sessions for approval." 

Blehiq also indicated that the HoR members had decided to summon the government and the Stability Committee of the HoR for the session next week to listen to them about the measures that had been taken regarding this disaster, and to assign them to do what needed to be done as quickly as possible, in addition to assign the Medical and Emergency Apparatus to manage the medical crisis in the disaster areas under the supervision and follow-up of the Health Committee of the HoR.