The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh, said on Friday that Libya will have one mini-government before the end of this December. He explained, during his meeting with a delegation of Derna dignitaries in his office in Al-Qubba town, that it is necessary to have a single authority that leads the country toward elections.

According to a statement by the spokesman for the HoR, Abdullah Blehiq, Saleh indicated that “the electoral laws are ready and do not exclude anyone, as they allow the Libyan people to choose who will rule them without excluding or marginalizing any Libyan national.”

The statement added that Saleh said that they were ready to go to elections, and the Libyan people and the agreed on the necessity of forming one unified government.

Saleh criticized the demonstrations that thousands of Derna residents staged following the floods ensuing from Storm Daniel, demanding his resignation and the overthrow of the HoR, and accused him of being behind the state of fragmentation that caused the collapse of state institutions and the failure to avoid the causes of the disaster.

He said that what some people did not represent the residents of Derna, and that they tried to sow discord and target the nation, adding he did not intend through such actions, and that their demands, even if they were legitimate, were not timely.

"On February 17, 2011, Libya was exposed to a major conspiracy aimed at displacing Libyans from their country. The purpose of the revolution was not to overthrow the regime, but rather to reach the point of chaos we have reached.” Saleh said.