The Libyan Justice Ministry said in a statement Tuesday that it was ready to cooperate fully with the UN fact-finding mission that had been approved by the Human Rights Council on Monday to document violations in Libya since 2016.

Saying that human rights preservation is its priority, the Justice Ministry indicated that it has been in direct contact with international and national human rights organizations, especially the UN Human Rights Council, welcoming its Article No.43 of resolution No.40 that aims to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Libya.

The Ministry also said cooperation with the fact-finding mission would be out of the Government of National Accord's policies that aim to protect human rights and punish violators.

"The mission that will be sent to Libya will support the role of national judiciary and help find justice against the abusers of human rights across the country." It added.

On Monday, the Human Rights Council agreed to send a fact-finding mission to Libya to probe violations since 2016 in the country.