The Ministry of Justice of the Government of National Unity in Libya called on the Lebanese authorities to provide the necessary rights to Hannibal Gaddafi, including a place of detention, healthcare, visits and correspondence.

The Ministry reaffirmed Hannibal's right to be released without any restrictions or conditions because the charges against him have not been proven. It also called on the relevant authorities in Lebanon to indicate in an official letter that the conditions of Hannibal’s detention had been improved, referring to what was reported in the media about the conditions that Hannibal was going through in terms of his place of detention and his deprivation of the rights guaranteed by international conventions and treaties.

The Ministry also confirmed communicating with political parties and international as well as regional human rights organizations to ensure that the Lebanese authorities fulfill their responsibilities toward Hannibal Gaddafi and that he "obtains his rights and freedom."

This statement comes after Lebanese channels have published photos showing where Gaddafi’s son is being held in Lebanon, citing his complaints about the conditions of his detention.