The Libyan National Security Adviser, Ibrahim Bushnaf, discussed with the US Special Envoy and Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, the repercussions of the detention of Libyan citizen Abu Agila Masoud Al-Maryami in the US.

This discussion came in a phone call on Monday evening, where the two sides reviewed procedures related to detention conditions, according to a statement on Bushnaf's Facebook page on Tuesday.

Bushnaf expressed the concern of Libyans about reports that Masud was transferred to the US in order to prosecute him in an alleged connection to the Lockerbie case.

In this regard, Norland confirmed that statements will be issued later by the US Department of Justice and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, reassuring Libyans and the Libyan National Security Adviser that the US will respect Libyan sovereignty during the course of legal procedures.

Bushnaf commented on the detention of Masud on Monday, in which he mentioned some of the provisions of the agreement concluded in London between the Libyan authorities and the US administration during the era of Muammar Gaddafi.

"Article 03 of the agreement stipulates that the two parties (the United States and Libya) accept a material settlement in exchange for such cases, and these paid funds are considered a completely final settlement, and after that no new claims may be opened for any actions committed by the two parties against the other before the date June 30, 2006". He explained.

Bushnaf explained that in Article (B-3) of the appendix the United States’ commitment to provide sovereign and diplomatic immunity for Libya, and that the families of the victims do not receive any compensation from the joint fund designated for the purpose except after providing this immunity, which has already been done through US presidential and legislative decrees.

He indicated that the US Congress passed Law No. 110/301 of August 2008 stipulating that concerned Libyan property and individuals shall be safe from seizure or any other judicial action.