The deputy minister of local government Abdelbari Shinbaro said Tripoli attack had destabilized institutional work, but they managed to put it back on track after the formation of emergency committee that helped organize work aimed at assisting IDPs and those affected by the attack.

Shinbaro added in a joint press conference with Minister of Displaced People Affairs Yousif Jalala on Monday that health sector and food stock are very assuring, but the education sector is not so well as study was suspended and schools were used to shelter IDPs.

Meanwhile, Jalala said the Presidential Council's government is working on finding alternatives for the IDPs living in schools so study can be resumed after Eid celebration.

Jalala added that there are about 15000 families - 80000 IDPs - and the emergency committee has allocated 120 million dinars for their needs.

Shinbaro also said that the emergency committee has plans to send money and medicines as well as water pumps to southern Libya before Eid celebration, adding that the current Tripoli offensive is delaying the shipment's takeoff, yet the committee demanded the shipments go on flights.

Shinbaro indicated that Briga Oil Company is also sending fuel to southern Libya, despite the fear of the oil trucks' drivers of the insecurity on the roads, urging the residents of southern cities and districts not to assault the fuel trucks.