The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced that more than 134,000 Libyans are internally displaced (IDPs) and nearly 700,000 others have returned from displacement as of February 21.

UNHCR added in a report on Tuesday that it had provided non-food assistance to more than 300 displaced families in southern cities: Ubari and Traghan, in cooperation with the Libyan Relief Authority. It also announced the registration of more than 42,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Libya, in addition to the departure of 10 refugees from vulnerable groups from this year.

UNHCR said that as of February 21, the Libyan authorities had intercepted more than 2,800 people off the Libyan coast, including five disembarkation operations carried out last week by the Libyan Coast Guard to rescue immigrants in the Mediterranean.

Regarding immigrants' shelters, UNHCR said that more than 3,500 people are estimated to be inside detention centers in Libya, of whom more than 700 are from nationalities that the UNHCR registers.

It also indicated that it continued with its international partners to provide assistance and services to refugees and asylum seekers, pointing out that it has received an estimated 27% of the total funding required for 2022, which is $70 million.