The eastern region has experienced significant internal displacement due to flooding, with over 37,000 individuals affected, the National Committee for Human Rights (NCHRL) said on Saturday, citing general indicators of internal displacement.

As reported by the committee, a total of 32,578 individuals from Derna, 3,480 from Al-Bayda, and 1,700 from Sousse were forced to leave their homes due to the recent floods.

It said the majority of those affected have sought refuge with relatives, while 19 facilities, mostly schools situated in Derna, Al-Bayda, and Tobruk, are currently being utilized to accommodate internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The report also indicates that the floods and torrents have affected more than 147,000 people in Derna, Sousse, Al-Bayda, Al-Mukhaili, and Al-Wardiyah, leading to a need for humanitarian, medical, and relief assistance.

Approximately 50,000 individuals in Derna and its suburbs, as well as in other areas of Jabal Al-Akhdar, require such assistance, the NCHRL noted.