Kevalay Queen

The Libyan-flagged passenger ship “Kevalay Queen,” which transports passengers and cargo, has collided with a cargo ship off the coast of Istanbul, without causing any casualties.

Turkish media said that the Libyan ship was involved in a maritime accident that occurred on Friday in the Bosphorus Strait, confirming that there were no human casualties in the accident.

TRT Haber channel explained that the “Kavalay Queen”, which is 147 meters high, collided while in the Sea of Marmara near “Yenikapi” with the cargo ship “Captain Adam 1”, which is 103 meters high and showed the flag of Tanzania.

The media reported that the same Libyan ship caused pollution in the Bosphorus last August and was fined with 13 million Turkish liras after authorities in the Turkish port of Zeytinburnu  detained the Libyan ship and its crew for hours.

The ship was detained on suspicion of causing water pollution in the port of Zeytinburnu, where the port police station demanded that it pay half a million US dollars in exchange for the release of the ship and its crew, before withdrawing this step on the condition that the case continues to be pursued.

Kevalay Queen began transporting passengers in September 2021 from the port of Misrata toward the port of Izmir, and later the port of Istanbul in Turkey, after sea trips between the two countries stopped for about four decades.