The Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said he followed up with the Minister of Education, Mousa Al-Magaryef, on Wednesday the progress of the educational process and school maintenance work in Derna and other flood-affected municipalities, stressing the need to fill the teacher shortage by raising performance, implementing school staffing, educational monitoring, and organizing workers in the sector.

Dbeibah praised the exceptional efforts of all educational, teaching and administrative staff in all educational institutions, specifically in Derna schools and the afflicted municipalities.

During the meeting, Al-Magaryef gave a detailed explanation about the resumption of study in Derna and the affected municipalities, indicating that approximately 18,000 students were reassigned to various undamaged schools in Derna and neighboring municipalities, in addition to preparing measures for the transfer of more than 2,100 students to other cities.

The Minister of Education confirmed that the maintenance of 101 schools out of a total of 117 had been completed through the branch of the Educational Facilities Authority in the eastern region.