The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah confirmed that his government will put the issue of removing fuel subsidies to a public survey to poll the opinion of Libyans regarding this issue and reach the best solution.

Dbeibah said in his speech during his participation in the third edition of the local council heads' forum in Libya in Tripoli that he was ready to receive the people's opinions regarding removing fuel subsidies, adding that the door to discussion would be open regarding the method to prevent wasting resources and blocking smugglers illicit work. 

He said he would supervise the results of the poll personally because the issue is a national project that is in the interest of everyone, confirming that his government would give citizens the price of fuel, whether through “a sum of money or a coupon". 

The Libyan PM believed that the subsidy problem had accumulated over 50 years until it was exploited, adding that “it is unreasonable for us to spend 60 billion on subsidies and have them go outside the borders and overseas. Therefore, our project is to prevent smugglers and deliver gasoline to citizens only."

Dbeibah said earlier that the decision to remove fuel subsidies had been taken and was irreversible, then he doubled down and confirmed that the government would not take a similar decision without raising the issue in a survey to hear from the people.