The Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room (LROR) has warned members of political parties, especially Saleh Al-Makhzoum, who are taking part in UNSMIL-brokered dialogue, of signing any agreement on behalf of the head of GNC dialogue team Awad Abdul-Sadeq.

The LROR’ issued a statement Saturday denouncing the endeavours to swerve away from the aspirations of the Libyan people by selecting Saleh Al-Makhzoum, as a representative for the GNC and thus trying to substitute the appointed head, Abdul-Sadeq.

Leaders of the LROR has also reaffirmed that they are in support of the demonstrations that went out in back up for the Libyan-Libyan dialogue track.

Meanwhile, President Nuri Abu Sahmain of GNC has sent a message to the Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni to inform him that the only authorized GNC member to attend Rome meeting is the First Deputy President Awad Abdul-Sadeq.

"Any other member attending Rome meeting will only represent himself." He said.

Italy is to host an international conference on Libya Sunday aiming at settling down the Libyan conflict with the presence of Foreign Ministry representatives from the five permanent countries in the United Nations Security Council.

The conference will also be attended by Foreign Ministry representatives from Tunisia, the UAE, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt as well as delegates from the European Union and the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, not to mention that the USA will be represented by the Secretary of the State, John Kerry.