Libya's GNU to join International Energy Forum in Saudi Arabia

Libya's GNU to join International Energy Forum in Saudi Arabia

November 10, 2022 - 21:16
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The spokesman for the Government of National Unity (GNU), Mohammed Hammouda, said on Wednesday that the GNU approved Libya’s joining the International Energy Forum in Saudi Arabia, which includes oil-exporting countries (OPEC). Libya will become the 73rd member of the Forum.

Hammouda said in a press conference that the GNU agreed to the proposal to build a power plant using solar panels in Ubari. The GNU also agreed to adopt the memorandum of understanding signed between the Institute of Diplomatic Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diplomatic Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in training and development of cadre of Libyan and Serbian diplomacy, in addition to working on organizing conferences, seminars and training courses.

Hammouda said that the GNU approved the request to sponsor the Palestinian retirees who spent many years in public service in Libya, as well as workers in the private sector (freelance businesses).

He said that a shipment of fuel provided by Libya estimated at 30,000 metric tons arrived at Tunisian ports on Tuesday, to the Tunisian people as per the Prime Minister's instructions to the National Oil Corporation.