Libya's Grand Mufti Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani has reiterated his call for five amendments to the Libyan political agreement that must be done before any government can work freely in Tripoli.

"The Fatwa House studied the political agreement draft thoroughly and has five essential constants that must be met. It disregarded many other controversial notes in the draft," He said in a televised address late at night on Wednesday.

According to the Mufti, the draft states in one of its articles that in case of any disagreement over interpretation of any article within the draft, a committee of 5 is formed (2 from GNC, 2 from HoR and the UNSMIL chief) to settle this disagreement.   

"The scholars pointed out that this article is illegal because in Islam a non-Muslim cannot judge a legal dispute for Muslims." He clarified.

The Mufti also called for an accurate definition to terrorism.

"We told them, the term terrorism cannot stay general, we asked them to explain what do they mean by terrorism?" He said.

"Benghazi now has been destroyed under the name of terrorism," he added.

Sheikh Al-Gharyani also called for amendment to the security arrangement article so that it excludes killers and oppressors who shed the innocents' blood, in reference to Khalifa Haftar and his army.

He also called for legislative balance between the General National Congress and Tobruk Parliament in the draft.

"The GNC was given an advisory role only and the legislative authority was given to the parliament and this is not accepted." He said.

The Mufti also pointed out that referring to the international laws and conventions, which were stated in many articles in the draft, must comply with the Sharia law.

Commenting on the arrival of Un-imposed government in Tripoli by sea, He urged the Presidential Council to leave Tripoli to avoid war.

"If they refused to leave, there will be serious consequences because weapons are in every house," He said.

"Don't tempt by the support of international community because the people will go back to Jihad and fight for years, and we don't like that to happen." He added.

The Mufti underlined that if these five amendments were met, then any government can work from Tripoli and the Fatwa House would support it.


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