The Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj, said the economic reforms' package is going well thanks to coordination and "thinking outside the box by going to alternative funding sources against all odds."

Speaking at the Annual Conference of the National Center for Healthcare System Development, Al-Sirraj said they can enhance the health system, adding that plans alone are meaningless unless they are followed by execution that needs above all security then funding and time to refurbish healthcare institutions.

"Better services, localizing medical treatment, bringing specialized medical teams to train local medics and do surgeries, creating health insurance fund and adopting a health insurance program for teachers." Al-Sirraj explained as need measures.

He said his government depends on a partnership between public and private sectors, wishing to have more partnerships with the European Union and UN bodies, such as World Health Organizations, which he said is very vital for the Libyan health system, especially in bringing to Libya needed medicines and medical equipment.

"The most important pillars for the civil state are education, and health," Al-Sirraj remarked, saying he hopes their efforts are leading Libya on the route of development.