The Spanish and Greek rescue teams left the disaster areas in Derna after announcing the end of their tasks in searching for survivors under the rubble of the flood that swept away quarter of the city, while the head of the Turkish AFAD team Hamza Taşdelen confirmed that they would continue their work in coordination with public institutions and organizations, hailing the efforts of their colleagues from other teams in Derna. 

The Greek public broadcaster ERT reported that a C-130 military cargo plane returned the 13-member rescue team to Greece.

Locally, the National Safety Authority announced the end of its mission in Derna, confirming the safety of all its members in light of the communications outage in the city.

The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, expressed his thanks to the Spanish rescue team that announced the end of its work in Derna and Sousse, and cooperated in its work with the Emergency Medicine and Support Center.

He applauded the continuous work of the rest of the rescue teams that came to help from various countries immediately after the disaster that struck Derna and other eastern cities.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Tunisian rescue team in Libya, Tariq Al-Waslati, denied in a press statement any intention to depart from Derna before completing relief missions in the city. He confirmed that all the bodies that were trapped in homes had been recovered, saying that the hope of finding survivors had become scientifically “almost impossible.”

This coincides with the announcement by the Italian Embassy in Libya of the arrival of a plane to Labraq Airport carrying 12 technicians and 60 rescuers in Derna.