The Libyan Fatwa House (FH) has issued a statement about the visit the UN envoy, Martin Kobler, paid to the FH earlier on Sunday, where he met with Sheikh Ghaith Al-Fakhiri, the Vice Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Nadir Al-Omrani and Sheikh Sami Al-Saadi who are both members of the Sharia Research and Studies Council.
The FH said that the Sheikhs explained to Kobler that the real problem in Libya lies in foreign intervention and in supplying the so-called army in Benghazi with full military and political support from foreign countries, while the international community is looking away from the destruction done to Benghazi and the displacement of its residents.
They also gave some notes to the UN-envoy regarding the agreement, such as inclusion of Islamic Sharia law to be the ruling law over all the agreement items, limiting the rule of international humanitarian laws as stated in the agreement items to the Sharia, also notifying him that the agreement did not state a clear definition of terrorism and adding that it gives legislative authority to the parliament only, which would cause imbalance between the two conflicting parties in Libya, leading to unreal accord.
The FH Sheikhs clarified as well that the agreement gives the authority of security preparations to what it called “the current army”, by which it means the armed groups led by Haftar.
“The UNSMIL turned a deaf ear to the Constitutional Court verdict that rendered the HoR’s elections invalid and yet it continued to work with it regardless.” The FH statement indicated, adding that the UN and western countries are supposed to be the first ones to respect the law just as they are doing in their countries.
The FH remarked that the UN envoy to Libya, Kobler, did not respond to the notes given by the Sheikhs, pointing out that there were differences in the viewpoints of the two, however, the FH said that Kobler said what he always repeated about his hope that Libyans reach an agreement as soon as possible.
It is worth mentioning that Kobler, who arrived Sunday in Tripoli, announced in a joint presser with the Deputy Head of the UN-proposed Presidential Council, Ahmed Mitig that the UNSMIL has come back to Tripoli and is going to work from the capital.