The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, instructed Saturday border authorities to enable Libyans stranded on the Tunisian side to return home after footage of Libyans went viral while they appealed to authorities to let them in through the temporarily closed Ras Ajdir border with Tunisia.

Menfi talked to the Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and Intelligence Chief about providing assistance to the stranded Libyans and allow them in with utmost precautions regarding Coronavirus.

On the Libyan-Tunisian border, Libyans urged the government to intervene and allow them into Libya through the Ras Ajdir border which was closed by the authorities along with the suspension of flights to Tunisia over the rapid spread of Coronavirus in there.

Libyan News Agency reported one of the stranded Libyans on the border as saying that they were told to go back from Ras Ajdir to Al-Zokra area on the Tunisian side and they spent the night in the open air awaiting government intervention to end their suffering.

Libya decided to shut down borders with Tunisia over the spread of Coronavirus, especially Delta variant, for a week starting Saturday.