Militiaman Jodran and other corrupt people may face ICC trial

Militiaman Jodran and other corrupt people may face ICC trial

July 26, 2016 - 12:09
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

A complaint against 4 corrupt people has been filed to the International Criminal Court, the Libyan American Public Affairs Council (LAPAC) has reported.

The Virginia-based council said it had filed the complaint against Ibrahim Jodran, Khaled Jodran (Ibrahim's brother), Hajer Gayad (former GNC member), and Twati Eida (former GNC member).

The four are accused by LAPAC of committing deliberate and premeditated economic genocide and other crimes against humanity in violation of the Rome Statute establishing the ICC.

"The International Criminal Court has accepted the complaint and it's being initially reviewed to decide whether there is a reasonable basis to open an investigation," A LAPAC statement said on Monday.  

Notorious militiaman Ibrahim Jodran is the main cause of Libya's current financial and economic crises. 4 key oil terminals have been closed by his militia since August 2013, which resulted in more than $100 billion in lost revenues, according to the Chairman of NOC Mustafa Sanallah.

Before the closure of oil terminals in 2013, Hajer Gayad and Twati Eida appeared on TV and incited the public to close all oil ports and fields. They claimed that Libya’s oil was stolen by the Muslim Brotherhood party, a political opponent to their National Forces Alliance.

Later, Jodran stepped in and decided to close the oil ports after claiming that oil was being illegally exported by Muslim Brotherhood without the use of flow meters.

The claims of oil theft and illegal exportation was refuted by then-prime minister Ali Zidan and the National Oil Corporation, but Jodran refused to reopen the ports.

Ironically, he claimed that he wanted to protect Libya's oil wealth and prevent Muslim Brotherhood from stealing it, but in March 2014, he revealed his real intentions behind the closure.

With the help of his brother Khaled, militiaman Ibrahim Jodran attempted to smuggle 234,000 barrels of crude from Esider port in a bid to sell it in the black market, sparking nationwide outrage.

His attempt was thwarted when the US Navy intercepted the North-Korean flagged tanker MT Morning, which was hired for the illicit crude shipment, and returned it to Tripoli authorities.


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