The Central Shield Force of Libya, the biggest military force in Misrata, rejected on Saturday Leon's proposed government, describing it as a trusteeship government.

Commander of the Force Colonel Hassan Shakah confirmed in a statement that the dialogue is the only way out of the current crisis; however, the proposed unity government does not reflect the spirit of the national reconciliation necessary for the success of the political agreement.

"We support any dialogue outcomes that unite Libyans and lead to a consensus government that can preserve 17 February constants, without any foreign trusteeship." He said.

"Leon's government, which he described as consensual, is far away from consensus. It wasn't formed by consultation of Libyan people's representatives; it was dictated by foreign powers." He added.

Shakah indicated that imposing the government would only lead to foreign intervention which is totally rejected. He confirmed that his force will not be part of this government and they will not accept it.

He expressed support for the GNC dialogue team and urged them to continue in the process of negotiations and political dialogue to include the constants and principles, which were approved by 97 GNC members, in the political agreement draft.

The Force also called on the GNC to hold an emergency session to take the appropriate decisions regarding Saturday's meeting of Gaddafi supporters in Atwailah district, south of Sabratha. Shakah described the meeting as a coup against February revolution.

The Central Shield Force of Libya operates under the General Command of Libyan Army under the GNC.