Mother and two children die in Derna floods in eastern Libya

Mother and two children die in Derna floods in eastern Libya

October 21, 2019 - 19:40
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A woman and her two children have been killed due to floods in Umm Ar Rizam, security apparatus in the town in eastern Derna, east of Libya, has reported, adding that a third child is missing.

The security apparatus said on Facebook on Monday that more rain is expected to fall on the district and that the road of Umm Ar Rizam is not good for driving, calling on people to be careful not to use it till the sky clears out.

The head of the steering council of the municipality of Umm Ar Rizam Abdelwanis Awad said the floods carried away the whole family killing two children and the mother while a third child is missing and security personnel are looking for her.

Awad urged relative authorities to support the municipality that is suffering from collapsing infrastructure, warning that Umm Ar Rizam could see more floods with the advent of winter.

Meanwhile, the head of the hospital of Umm Ar Rizam Dr. Ezzidine Brik, said the father and two other children survived from the family that got carried out by the floods.


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