The National Accord Bloc of the High Council of State (HCS) rejected the statements of US Special Envoy Richard Norland regarding the situation in Libya, describing them as being away from “diplomacy” and considering them interference in Libyan affairs.

The Bloc considered that the interventions were and still are the most important causes of the conflict and its continuation to this day in Libya, accusing Norland of “falsehood” regarding the US claim to adopt the demands of the Libyan people and side with them, at a time when it rejected the consensuses of the House of Representatives and the HCS on more than one occasion because they were a “purely Libyan will."

It also considered that Washington’s full involvement in war crimes and the killing of thousands of children and women in Gaza does not qualify it to talk about democracy and human rights values, pointing out that these interventions make it lose its role as an honest mediator in the Libyan crisis and puts its credibility at stake.

The US Embassy in Libya referred in a statement on the occasion of the Libyan Independence Day to the responsibility of political actors for postponing the elections that were scheduled to be held on December 24, 2021, saying that it shares the Libyan people’s frustration that the main Libyan actors have not yet found a way to meet popular demands to be able to hold free and fair elections.