The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, discussed in a meeting on Monday in Tripoli with the United States (US) Special Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, mechanisms for ending the current impasse in the political process and ways to reach consensus leading to holding elections.

Presidential Council's media office said that the meeting also reviewed the importance of activating the work of the High Finance Committee due to the inability to reach a unified, constitutional budget law, and the importance of the participation of all parties to cover basic requirements, prioritizing spending and addressing inflation.

The media office added that Menfi “hailed during the meeting the efforts made by the Reconstruction and Development Fund in the recovery of the affected areas, especially in the city of Derna, and the importance of having real support for these efforts from all institutions to make them successful.”

Norland and his accompanying delegation made visits in the last couple of days to the cities of Al-Khoms and Misrata, during which he met with the Council of Elders and Notables of Misrata, the mayor of the municipality, Mahmoud Al-Soktari, members of the municipal council, and a number of youth leaders.

Following his meeting with the Misrata Municipal Council, Norland said that he had discussed with them the local government in Misrata and the local issues that affect the daily lives of Libyans, noting that Washington would continue to support the municipal elections and empower the local government that could respond to the needs of the Libyan people, according to a statement published by the US embassy on X platform.