The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya has denounced the escalation of killing, abduction, torture and forced disappearance operations targeting  civilians and religious sheikhs in Benghazi.

The commission said in a statement that the current rate of aggression and assaults against the civilians and their properties has risen. It pointed out that these violations are carried out by armed groups and factions headed by the so-called the Blood Allies Brigade, Terrorism Fight Department, the General Chief of Staff and Ministry of Interior in the Interim Government.

"These practices target families of people belonging to armed groups and formations affiliated to the so-called ‘Benghazi Shura Council’ which is considered a mass punishment and incitement to target families and nationals from the western part of Libya which again resembles an act of incitement to target social categories on ethnic point of view; something which is considered a crime against humanity." said to the statement.

The statement further explained that torture and bad treatment in Barsis, Girnadah and Kwaifiyyah prisons managed by the interim government have become popular and common, which constitutes a systematic violation to the United Nations Convention against Torture.

The commission called on the UNSMIL and human rights organizations to intervene to stop these violations before things may turn into genocide and ethnic cleansing wars that will negatively affect security and social peace.

The commission also called on all Libyan authorities including the armed groups to respect humanitarian international law, war laws and human rights.