The Libyan National Security Council has stressed the need for all foreign organizations operating in Libya to complete their registration procedures in accordance with Libyan laws and legislation, announcing its rejection of any projects affecting issues related to national security, especially immigration issues.

The council said, in a statement, that it had followed up on the initiative launched by the Italian organization “Ara Pacis” for peace in Libya, in partnership with the International Center for Advanced Agricultural Studies in the Mediterranean, which it said aims to strengthen the agricultural sector and agricultural labour in the Fezzan and contribute to social cohesion and integration of the local population, and immigrant communities in the aforementioned region during their meeting with a number of mayors of the Libyan southern region in the Italian city of Bari.

The council welcomed all projects aimed at participating in the development of some local sectors in Libya, but warned against projects that affect issues related to national security and Libyan social peace, such as immigration and illegal immigrants, declaring its rejection of such schemes.

The council called on all Libyan institutions, ministries and sectors to rally their ranks and not to allow such projects to tamper with the resources of the Libyan people and prejudice their national security and not to accept any invitation to participate from any foreign countries or organizations, whether inside or outside Libya, except after obtaining the approval of the concerned authorities, especially Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Earlier, civil society organizations in Fezzan announced their rejection of the Italian organization's initiative, calling on the government and the Presidential Council to assume their responsibilities regarding it. 

They also held the Italian government responsible for the actions of the organization, which they described as threatening Libyan national security.