The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) has invited victims of human rights and international humanitarian law violations across the country to take part in procedures aimed at ending impunity in Libya.

In a statement on Facebook, the committee called on victims and civil society organizations to communicate with the international fact-finding mission in Libya to report the violations that occurred since the beginning of January. 2016, to date.

It encouraged victims to report all abuses that they had suffered, whether committed by outlaw groups or official agencies to investigate and document these violations and hold those responsible accountable.

The NCHRL confirmed that the communication forms had been established in accordance with the UN human rights mechanisms.

The committee offered practical guidance throughout the application process, including translation services and a team to facilitate interviews and inquiries, in addition to providing reports and email correspondence with the fact-finding mission.

The NCHRL urged those concerned to submit their communications as soon as possible, as the process requires the experts to study the reports and communicate with the victims before the investigation period concludes.