The newly appointed UK ambassador to Libya, Martin Longden has reaffirmed Britain's support for the roadmap put forward by the UN Head Special Representative, Abdoulaye Bathily, for the Libyan political process.

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah received the British diplomat upon his arrival in Tripoli on Wednesday, two months after the latter took office from his predecessor, Caroline Hurndall.

Ambassador Longden expressed the UK's support for local and international efforts aimed at forging stability in Libya, holding elections under fair and agreed-upon laws, and Bathily's efforts in this regard.

According to the Hakomitna platform, the two sides discussed the full return of the British embassy's staff to work from Tripoli after its partial return, activating economic and technical cooperation between the two countries, and facilitating visa procedures for Libyan citizens, including student delegates wishing to study in the UK.

Dbeibah emphasized the need for concerted international efforts to support Libya in holding presidential and parliamentary elections by a permanent constitution for the country.

The PM also took the opportunity to reaffirm the position of the Libyan people and government on the war raged against the Gaza Strip and their support for the Palestinian people in their just demands.