news recap

Libyan Foreign Ministry denounces blasts in Iran's Kerman

Arab-European Center for Human Rights urges Libyan AG to implement judicial rulings

Dbeibah discusses political solution with group of ambassadors

EUBAM Libya appoints new head of mission

Tarmal proposes aid flight to support Palestinian women, children amid crisis

Mufti urges Misrata brigade adhere to law, warns against chaos and empowering Haftar

Oil Ministry says shutdown of oil fields harms Libyan economy

Dbeibah urges for reviewing deal for developing oil and gas explorations

Oil Minister: Libya recovered $2.4 billion from state financial dues in oil sector

UN preparations for JMC 5 5 meeting

Al-Lafi meets Chargé d'Affaires of Saudi Embassy in Libya

Governmental discussions to hold meeting of defense ministers of African countries in Libya

Protesters shut down Libya's Sharara oilfield over unanswered demands

Attorney General: Criminal case on Derna disaster reserved for ruling on January 11

Al-Abed announces launch date of Libya Education and Training Expo 2024

HCS rejects "NC7" field agreement and laws from HoR

GECOL reviews plan to enhance electrical grid in Green Mountain

Al-Hawij follows up on the reactivation of Stock Market

CBL governor calls for single budget allocation, citing spending caution

Municipality of Benghazi organizes training program in the field of human resources management

Menfi discusses with JMC members unification of military institution

Libyan Crime Watch: 6 kidnaps, 2 extrajudicial killings registered in December 2023

Reconciliation committee in Gharyan issues charter for residents

Aoun raises concern over controversial deal involving Sirte Oil, calls for investigation

Attack on Rahbat Aldrou Brigade leaves several casualties

Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks EUBAM head on the occasion of the end of her mission in Libya

Visiting doctor performs 20 surgeries at Bani Walid Hospital

Libya's basketball team soars to Arab Championship semi-finals with victory over Kuwait