news recap

Head of missing statue found in Cyrene


Italy and Libya sign an agreement to evacuate 1,500 migrants to Italy


Dbeibah calls on ministries to clarify their financial allocations, expenditures for the public


US Chargé d’Affaires stresses importance of Libyan Audit Bureau's role in transparency


Libya sends 19 tons of aids to Rafah ahead of reaching Palestinians in Gaza


Menfi receives delegation from Surman


Grand Mufti: Cutting off roads is contrary to Islamic law


278 illegal immigrants arrested off Libyan coast


Dbeibah orders immediate disbursement of wives and children’s allowance


Brega Company: Car fuel available in sufficient quantities, no need for congestion


NCDC dispatches vaccinations to Sirte


Fire in CBL building in Tripoli controlled


Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs discusses AIB file


Sirte Company announces resumption of production from new well


Ras Lanuf company ships polyethylene to 164 factories in Libya


Ministry of Oil hails stances rejecting NOC's deal with Eni, Total, and ADNOC


Oil Minister calls for stopping efforts to deposit $10 million in Dubai-based company