news recap

NCHRL warns of consequences of military buildup in Tripoli


UK funds mental health care for Libyan youth impacted by Storm Daniel


Zliten groundwater levels recede, relief for residents


Ukrainian report: Russia shipped military equipment to Libya


Misrata Oncology Institute announces the opening of the Children’s Department building


State of emergency declared in Kufra as displaced population brings disease outbreak


Libyan sports clubs asked to pay for damage caused to stadiums, facilities by their fans


Libya beats Mauritania 5-4 at AFCON Futsal 2024


Afriqiyah Airways’ grounded plane leaves Niamey Airport in Niger


UN official talks about the causes of instability in Libya


Spanish Embassy in Libya denies issuing evacuation order for Spanish citizens in Tripoli


Parallel government to establish free zone in Sirte


GNU dismisses statements attributed to Dbeibah regarding Iran


British embassy: No change in travel warning


Large tiger still on the loose in Msallata, public urged to stay vigilant


Water supply back on track after power outage at major wells


'No more transitions' Zawiya protests call for unified government, elections


Minister of Education: I expect Libya to rank well in international index of educational quality


Weather conditions to remain volatile


Libya resorts to arbitration against Belgium for confiscation of 15 billion euros of its funds