The National Oil Corporation in Tripoli has denied allowing the military warplanes of Dignity Operation or any other force to use Al-Feel oilfield's airport for military ends.

"The oilfield is under the control of the Fizzan Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) of the Government of National Accord's defense ministry, and it is led by Abdu Bakir Al-Suqi." NOC indicated on Tuesday.

This decline comes as a response to the statements said by the spokesman of the defense ministry's Desert Wrath operation, Salem Abu Rawi, on Monday, when he called on the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli to clarify its stance on using the oilfields' airports by Dignity Operation militias to target locations of the forces in southern Libya and thus causing injuries and damages to the innocent civilians across the region.

"PFG has shut down oil production in Al-Feel field since December 20, 2016, causing Libya a loss worth 460 million dollars." The NOC indicated.

It also stressed that none of the airfields of the oil facilities, especially in eastern Libya, are ever used as military bases, adding that Ras Lanuf airport is located on the coastal road and is not owned by the NOC, thus it is not responsible for whatever happens at that airport, which has always been used by armed forces in Libya.

"Stop trying to drag the NOC into such media fuss." Mustafa Sanallah, the NOC's CEO said, remarking that everyone should respect the NOC's national role and give up on trying to politicize it to their benefit.