General Oil Union

The General Oil Union expressed its opposition to the decision made by the Administrative Control Authority to suspend Minister of Oil and Gas Mohamed Aoun.

"The decision represents a clear violation of the fundamental principles of transparency and integrity, particularly in light of the current challenging political and economic conditions in the country, alongside the pervasive corruption within state institutions," the union stated, expressing hope for a review and cancellation of the decision.

The bloc also called upon all national factions to present a unified front against this action, which "is deemed detrimental to the interests of the Libyan state."

It further emphasized the critical need for a transparent and impartial inquiry into this matter, as well as the accountability of any individuals found to be implicated in corrupt practices and the misappropriation of state assets.

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has appointed Deputy Minister Khalifa Abdulsadek to manage the Oil and Gas Ministry following Aoun's suspension last week.