Over 530 foreign workers registered in Sabratha Municipality

Over 530 foreign workers registered in Sabratha Municipality

February 21, 2016 - 20:03
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Head of the Human Resources Bureau in Sabratha Municipality, Abdulbaset Al-Ghrabli, said the Bureau has registered more than 530 foreign workers of different nationalities up until today, these foreigners, he added, are working in Sabratha and have been given electronic ID cards after completing residence procedures and medical certificates for each one of them.

Al-Ghrabli explained, on Sabratha Municipality website, that the Bureau is continuing the registration of the foreign workforce in Sabratha in both morning and evening shifts to give a chance for those who are busy in the morning, pointing out that registration will end on March 03, 2016.

“The Human Resources Bureau will issue warning warrants and fines for all of the foreign labor force that would abstain from registration in the electronic system of the Municipality and getting the ID card, and it will coordinate with security departments in the city to deport them if they refused to register.” Al-Ghrabli indicated.

He also called on the residents to necessarily urge the workforce they have contracted or those foreigners who have rented houses from them to go to the HR Bureau and register before the deadline.