The owner of the telecommunication company MEBO Ltd., Switzerland, Edwin Bollier, demanded from the US Justice, to be invited as a witness - in favour of Libya - in the upcoming trial with Abu Agila Masud, who is accused of being involved in Lockerbie bombing.

Bollier said decisive software and hardware evidence of the Lockerbie bombing case can be proven to be incorrect!

"An MST-13 fragment was manipulated and evidence only occurred after the trial." He said, adding that further witnesses are recommended by MEBO for questioning, among others officers and experts from Police Scotland.

"A Criminal complaint (Operation Sandwood) against Police Scotland is currently under assessment in Scotland since November 11th, 2020." He added.

Swissinfo website revealed in 2001 that the Scottish prosecution identified the source for making the "timing device that was installed in the Lockerbie bombing bag", and summoned  Bollier and extracted from him information about providing Libya with a set of timing devices.

The Swiss website said at the time that the owner of the Swiss telecommunications company said the prosecution theory was not that important, while he also confirmed that he had provided East German intelligence with the same devices.